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How are containers delivered?

After your container orders, if the container model you want is in our stock, it is taken from our factory as soon as possible and delivered to the given address on the specified date. If the model you want is not in our stock, the project is quickly forwarded to our engineers and production starts in our factory and it is ready for shipment as soon as possible.

Is a permit required to own a container?

Whether a project is subject to approval, depends on its intended use. Regulations vary from country to country. It would be useful to contact the municipality or authorized institutions for your project.

Will the cabin/container be delivered by crane?

Our containers are usually delivered without a crane. Crane service should be provided by you. If you wish, you can also lift the roof panel of your container with a forklift. The forklift pockets in our containers are designed for this.

Can containers be coated?

Different coatings can be produced from wood, glass and sheet metal etc. You can contact us so that our sales consultants can offer you the best options.

What are container prices?

Contain Haus containers have been designed using the latest technology and have taken their ideal shape with static calculations. In container manufacturing, durability, material quality and aesthetics are prioritized. Even if the focus is on sound and heat insulation, durability and safety, container prices are much cheaper than other types of construction. Container prices vary according to the models. Please contact our sales representatives about the issue.

What is a Flatpack (Unassembled) container?

If you wish, you can buy Contain Haus containers as unassembled and make them yourself. All materials in our flatpack containers are carefully placed in the package. The package contains all the necessary materials for container installation. Since the assembling is being made by customers for the flatpack containers, the overall cost is considerably affordable.  In addition, by designing your own container, you can place parts such as toilets, glass and doors wherever you want, open large areas and customize your container with glass walls if you wish.

Can you rent the containers?

Yes, you can rent or buy their containers. You can get it directly from the factory if you wish. You can obtain our container models at low prices from our factory outlet without sacrificing quality.

What are the dimensions of the containers?

The dimensions of our standard containers are 240*600 cm. The dimensions of our larger containers are 300*700 cm as standard. If you wish, you can put two containers on top of each other or side by side to obtain larger areas. Our sales consultants can advise and assist with the ideal container design for you.

Technicial Specifications

Technicial Specifications

Contain Haus is a leader in its field in terms of prompt delivery, quality of materials and customer satisfaction. It works on customer satisfaction with all its units to offer you the best service before and after the sale.

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You can review our catalog to get detailed information about our products.

You can review our catalog to get detailed information about our products.

Contain Haus is the best in its field in terms of fast delivery, material quality and customer satisfaction. It works for customer satisfaction with all its units in order to provide you with the best service before and after sales. You can find inform